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Tuesday, 26 November 1985
Page: 2278

Senator Sir JOHN CARRICK(8.15) —I thank the Minister for his reply. I was not seeking any comment on the report itself; I was just seeking a response, which I received, to my question concerning whether a copy of the submission would be made available. I asked for confirmation of something that is factual; that is, that in the series of reports to Estimates committees over three years the Government in answer to questions has not raised any significant question of radioactive danger. My second question was whether anything significant in the bibliography provided information on damage to living creatures.

Senator Gietzelt —I have no further information to provide.

Senator Sir JOHN CARRICK —I cannot believe--

Senator Cook —Why don't you wait for the report to come down? The Minister is going to table the report next week.

Senator Sir JOHN CARRICK —I make it perfectly clear that I am not talking about the report; I am talking about evidence that has been or has not been given to Estimates committees by the Government. That is what we are dealing with here. I am asking a very simple question: Is it true that in response to questions over the last three years on no occasion has anything of particular significance been raised about the dangers of radioactivity? That must be able to be answered by the array of advisers that the Minister has. Equally, I am asking whether the bibliography supplied contains anything significant on flora and fauna. I hope that that can be answered.