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Tuesday, 26 November 1985
Page: 2234

Senator TOWNLEY —I seek leave to make a short statement, Mr Deputy President, because I believe that I have been misrepresented.

Leave granted.

Senator TOWNLEY —The Australian of 15 November contained an article by Paul Kelly, which said, in part:

The third group which emerged from this week's drama were Senate rebels who could be called `the 1975 revenge'.

It includes my name with those of two other senators. I believe that this article gives the impression that I was not in favour of what happened in 1975. Nothing could be further from the truth. In 1975 I was quite firm about the matter. We had a bad government. I am quite proud to be one of those who rid Australia of the Whitlam Government. I would do so again if necessary in similar circumstances. I object strongly to the assertion that I was one who objected to that action. The author of the article obviously has no knowledge of the feeling at that time. He did not contact me about the article either before or following its publication. To impute that I would vote a certain way in 1985 because of something that happened in 1975 is completely wrong and something that I refute entirely.