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Tuesday, 26 November 1985
Page: 2218

To the President of the Senate in Parliament assembled the petition of the undersigned citizens respectfully showeth:

They strongly oppose the increases in the price of Fuel, which is one of the main items causing the increases in the Cost of Living in Australia today and also the Upward Inflationary Trend.

Australia produces 60% of the required amount of Crude Oil necessary to supply our Nation's own requirements, and is boasted as being the Cheapest produced in the World, therefore the Australian Consumer of this commodity instead of being so heavily taxed should receive more benefits than those of the Foreign Oil Consortiums. Extra taxes required to fill the Coffers of the Government, to use as they see fit, should be collected from the Foreign Oil Consortiums without recourse to the Australian Citizens.

The World Parity Pricing of Australian Crude Oil was introduced when the Local Crude Oil Production was in its infancy, and the imported Overseas Product was at a World Record High. With the Promise that the Pricing would be reduced in keeping with the Falling of the World Market Price of Crude Oil, this also has been the Failing of Hawke Government's Pre-election to Office Promise.

In introducing the World Parity Pricing the Federal Government bent over under pressure from the Foreign Oil Consortiums.

The Petitioners hereto request that the Hawke Federal Government immediately introduce and put into action a Fuel Price Reduction Policy, even if it means that the Government builds its own Refineries.

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.