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Thursday, 14 November 1985
Page: 2200

Senator WALTERS(6.01) —No, I will not do that.

Senator Walsh —Well, I am not going to answer anything else.

Senator WALTERS —Then I will ask the questions. Have Australian consumers seen the full impact of the devaluation of the dollar reflected in the prices of imported products? If not, what is the estimation of the price increases yet to come, based on present values of the dollar?

The Minister obviously will not answer any further questions but I will continue to ask them. What is Treasury's latest estimate of Australia's inflation rate in both the short and the medium terms and in light of the 3.8 per cent wage decision?

Several observers are predicting a slump in oil prices next year following a meeting of the oil producing countries in Vienna. What effect would a drop in oil prices have on the Australian energy-based export prices and, in turn, on the value of the dollar?

Proposed expenditure agreed to.

Department of Primary Industry

Proposed expenditure, $213,276,000.

Proposed expenditure agreed to.

Department of Communications

Proposed expenditure, $482,958,000.