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Thursday, 14 November 1985
Page: 2144

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Community Services)(12.06) —I would be grateful too. We have sought that information from the States urgently, but the information has not come through. As soon as it does come through, we will provide it. I do not know that it has come through from any State as yet, knowing what the States are like. I understand that we have information from the Australian Capital Territory, although that is a small list. As at 1 October, for Royal Canberra and Woden Valley hospitals the waiting lists are as follows: General surgery-Royal Canberra 84, Woden Valley 86; obstetrics and gynaecology-Royal Canberra 74, Woden Valley 155; orthopaedics-Royal Canberra 116, Woden Valley 106; ear, nose and throat-Royal Canberra 72, Woden Valley 40; neurosurgery-Royal Canberra 148, Woden Valley 12; urology-Royal Canberra 24, Woden Valley 16; plastic surgery-Royal Canberra 136; thoracic surgery, Royal Canberra 4, Woden Valley 30; eye surgery-Royal Canberra 113, Woden Valley 43. There is then an item for general practice-13 at Royal Canberra. What is a general practice waiting list? It sounds an odd one. I suppose there are general practitioner beds in the Royal Canberra Hospital. I did not know that, but obviously there are. Paediatrics-Royal Canberra 28; dental-Royal Canberra 29, Woden Valley 85. The total number of people on the waiting list at Royal Canberra is 841 and at Woden Valley 573. I have not a further breakdown which, I admit, would be useful. The average waiting time in weeks at the Royal Canberra is 7.7, at Woden Valley 8.2. That is the information from the Australian Capital Territory and we are seeking information from the other States.

Senator Walters —That is 1,414 out of a population of what?

Senator GRIMES —It is 400,000, including the south-east region of New South Wales.

Proposed expenditure agreed to.

Motion (by Senator Walters) agreed to:

That the Estimates of the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs be recommitted.

Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs

Proposed expenditure, $160,346,000