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Thursday, 14 November 1985
Page: 2138

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Community Services)(11.30) —Perhaps I can help Senator Vigor as to the first question. The new Australian Capital Territory Health Authority is a very broad-ranging authority. It will cover health in the Australian Capital Territory. It was decided by not only the Minister but the Government that that seven-member Authority would consist of members from a broad-ranging group in the community. As I think Senator Vigor will know, announcements have been made or are about to be made that people in the community can nominate themselves and others and from those who are nominated the seven-member Authority committee will be chosen. I do not know that I can specifically say why in this case we did not say `Right, the Australian Capital Territory House of Assembly can pick two members' as the Minister for Education, Senator Ryan, did. I suppose one reason would be that the interests and the areas covered are so diverse that Dr Blewett, in the light of his experiences and my experiences with the Australian Capital Territory Health Commission in the past, did not want too much local political mud flying on the Australian Capital Territory Health Authority. But I only surmise that. I will get a more detailed response from Dr Blewett for Senator Vigor.

As to the food labelling question, I do not have the answer here and neither do the officers who are here with me, but I will certainly get the details of the timetable for Senator Vigor. We do not have a full range of officers from the Department of Health at the Committee of the Whole stage, as is usual in the Senate, and therefore I do not have the expertise here to answer the question immediately.