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Thursday, 14 November 1985
Page: 2138

Senator VIGOR(11.28) —I would like to inquire into a couple of matters concerning the provision of health facilities in the Australian Capital Territory. I am wondering why the Minister for Health (Dr Blewett) has resisted having two members of the Australian Capital Territory House of Assembly on the newly restructured Australian Capital Territory Health Authority, especially when his colleague the Minister for Education (Senator Ryan) found it to be quite reasonable that a component of the membership of the Australian Capital Territory Schools Authority should come from the House of Assembly. That is a general question.

My second question also concerns the residents of the Australian Capital Territory. When can they expect to benefit from the uniform food labelling regulations that were adopted by the National Health and Medical research Council in October 1982? That is a fair while ago and we have not yet seen an ordinance introduced in this area. I would like to get from the Minister some time scale for the introduction of these measures, which we believe are extremely important for the health and welfare of people within the Australian Capital Territory. I have another question but those are the two on the Australian Capital Territory.