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Tuesday, 12 November 1985
Page: 2027

Senator BOSWELL(11.13) —I want to take a few minutes just to put the record right on Senator Jones's speech tonight. One thing one can always say about Senator Jones-he is always wrong. He comes into this Senate like an accident going somewhere to happen. Tonight he was no exception. Senator Jones implied tonight that the speech that I made in the adjournment debate last night was incorrect and that the notice of motion that Senator MacGibbon gave yesterday was also incorrect. Senator Jones gave a notice of motion yesterday which stated in simple terms that the owners of the Camelia Restaurant were going to open a $1.5m restaurant on the south side of the river in the Riverside complex in Brisbane. Of course, that was totally wrong. I read the Camelia Restaurant's owner's explanation into the record last night, where he categorically denied that. He also stated in the telex message that he sent here that he was changing the name of the Camelia, that the Camelia was shutting and that it was moving down lower market into a bistro-type operation.

Senator Jones came in here tonight and tried to disclaim that. He is totally wrong again. I draw the attention of the Senate to the previous time that Senator Jones was wrong, when he put up a Dorothy Dix question to one of the Ministers, suggesting by innuendo that Brian Maher had made a donation to the National Party of Australia or to the Bjelke-Petersen Foundation, which I disclaimed and said was totally wrong. On 20 October in the Sunday Sun there was an article on Brian James Maher, where his former colleague Mr Lee Hurley is reported to have said, referring to Mr Maher:

`He did make a donation to Bill D'Arcy, I know that', Mr Hurley said. `I cannot remember how much it was. He was a good friend of his'.

Once again Senator Jones put his foot in it. He puts his foot in it every time. He is an embarrassment to the Australian Labor Party. I do not mind his embarrassing the ALP and the Federal Government; he can do that as much as he likes. However, I do wish that he would treat the Senate with some respect instead of getting up here, firing from the hip all the time, not knowing what he is talking about and treating this Senate with absolute contempt.