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Tuesday, 12 November 1985
Page: 1996

Senator PUPLICK —Mr Deputy President, I seek leave to make a personal explanation. I have been misrepresented.

Leave granted.

Senator PUPLICK —Following a speech I made yesterday relating to pathology services and to the business affairs of Macquarie Pathology Services Pty Ltd and Dr Geoffrey Edelsten, I have received a telephone message from Dr Wenkart of Macquarie Pathology Services and a telex from Dr Geoffrey Edelsten, both of which allege that reports have appeared either in the Sydney Press or on Sydney radio claiming that I said that Dr Edelsten had a financial interest in Macquarie Pathology Services. This is not correct. I simply draw to the attention of the Senate what I said about those two matters. On page 1914 of yesterday's Senate Hansard it is recorded that I said:

One such entity is Macquarie Pathology Services Pty Ltd in which, when we look at the structure of it, we can see there are certain trusts which hold a 100 per cent share of companies, such as Tracknew Holdings Pty Ltd, which in turn holds interests in Richard Walter Pty Ltd. Those two do business under the names Macquarie Professional Services Pty Ltd and Macquarie Diagnostic Services---

I continued:

Indeed, we see from evidence presented in public and from evidence presented regarding Macquarie Pathology Services that there is a sort of standing arrangement between that company and a company known as Omniman Pty Ltd, which is a company owned and operated by Dr Geoffrey Edelsten---

To this extent reports on the electronic media or in the Press alleging that I said that Dr Edelsten had a direct financial interest in Macquarie Pathology Services are incorrect and constitute a misrepresentation of what I said in the Senate yesterday afternoon.