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Tuesday, 12 November 1985
Page: 1994

Senator WALTERS(6.18) —I can probably give the Minister that. He will find that I asked just what was--

Senator Robert Ray —Don't tell me you are asking questions to which you know the answers?

Senator WALTERS —No, I am not. If the honourable senator had been listening he would know that I said in the beginning that I was told during an Estimates committee meeting that it was going to be too expensive to find out how much money was overpaid. I am asking now: Is that what this Government is going to say? Is the Government going to say to the people: `We have lost an amount of money-we do not know how much-in overpayments sent out by the Department of Social Security in Western Australia. We have no intention of collecting it back. We have no idea how much that amount of money is. We are not going to do anything about it because it will be just too expensive to get it back'? Is that what the Government is telling me? If it is, what action has the Government taken? Has the Government sacked anyone? Has the Government taken any action to make sure that this will not occur again? If so, what action has been taken?