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Friday, 8 November 1985
Page: 1839

Senator ARCHER(12.00) —The Opposition does not support these requests for amendments because they are more nonsense amendments. The point has been made that some people with one prime mover have several trailers. It is a ridiculous imposition on those people to try to do it in this way. The Government's legislation clearly shows the exact sort of charging it intends. The Government wants it to be open ended. If the Government wants cost recovery, it has to be in the form it is in. The Minister has said over and over again that cost recovery is the aim. He is not prepared to put any limit on it in that respect. The $1,400 charge may operate until next April next year, as he has said, and then will be subject to amendment, but the Opposition will not support the requests.

Requests agreed to.

Bill agreed to with requests.

Bills reported with amendments and requests; report adopted.