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Friday, 8 November 1985
Page: 1837

Senator VIGOR(11.55) —In answer to what Senator Vanstone has said, there were subsequent telegrams and considerable communications between Mr Barry Lewis and my office. I believe that the current state of affairs is quite amicable. Last night there was a meeting and I talked to Mr Lewis as late as this morning. I believe that Mr Lewis has acted in the best interests of the people whom he represents. He has actively put forward his views. Last night I sent him a document for his meeting through the facsimile system which answered his latest round of queries. It is based on the Minister's letter and my recommendations and conversations. I seek leave to incorporate in Hansard that document, which is the last written communication.

Senator Archer —It is not.

Senator VIGOR —It is the last one that I have had.

Leave granted.

The document read as follows-

From: Senator David Vigor,

Parliament House, Canberra

To: Mr. Barry Lewis

Professional Transport Drivers Association.

7th November 1985.

Following several telephone calls with you, I wish to record the answers and actions that I have taken on behalf of your members.

1. I facsimilied to you yesterday copies of the Minister's undertaking not to introduce a bond system with a bond value greater than $10,000 for operators in line with the recommendations of the May Committee. This is not included in the current Bill.

2. The penalties for interfering with the charge meters will be financial, and not disqualification.

3. A ceiling of $1,000 for registration of a prime mover, and $400 for a trailer, indexed for inflation, is set in the Bill.

4. I confirm that State registered prime movers may haul I.S. registered trailers, and vice versa.

5. I confirm that we will be passing the Bill with the amendments and assurances that I have extracted from the Government. These answer all of the worries that you have so far put to me.

6. I note you still want to delay the Bill, but suggest it is in your interests to accept the current framework to pressure State governments to design their complementary legislation to suit the industry. If the Bill is delayed past the State elections in S.A., Tas. and W.A. you will lose enormous leverage.

Amendments agreed to.

Bill, as amended, agreed to.


The Bill.