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Friday, 8 November 1985
Page: 1837

Senator VANSTONE(11.54) —I regret that the Minister for Veterans' Affairs (Senator Gietzelt) has chosen at this stage not to answer some of the questions I have raised. I thank the Minister for incorporating in Hansard a document which the Minister for Transport (Mr Peter Morris) provided. It answers certain questions. I trust that it is not the document I have had in front of me for some time covering eight points. I trust it is a document which answers some of the 30 or so questions that have been asked and not the one which answers only eight points which I have read with interest. I do not think that document answers any of the points that I have raised.

Being a South Australian senator I feel it is necessary to defend the position of a Mr Lewis whose case has been raised in this debate by a number of honourable senators, in particular Senator Vigor. On 6 November Mr Lewis in a telex to Senator Vigor stated:

Two things we wanted was caution-delay the Bill till December 1 and that we could brief you in greater detail regarding the matter. Having considered the amendments and being informed by you that you are not prepared to delay the Bill surprises and disappoints me.

As a consequence of some of the comments that Senator Vigor has made I think it is fair that the Senate be made aware of that point of view.