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Friday, 8 November 1985
Page: 1837

Senator ARCHER(11.53) —I am disappointed at the reaction of the Minister for Veterans' Affairs (Senator Gietzelt). He knows that we support the principles behind this legislation. I am disappointed that he chose not to answer the very real questions that are being raised. I am sorry that the Australian Democrats will also be left as can carriers in this enterprise. Over the next 12 months the number of amendments, regulations and so on that will come forward-without exception this is the worst legislation I have seen come before the Parliament in 10 years-will be absolutely phenomenal. It would have been much better to wait until much more information was available or let the legislation go before a Senate committee. At least, this would have got people's views on it, done something about its drafting and provided information. However, if this is the way the Government wishes to see this legislation pass and if, along with Senator Vigor and his colleagues, it is prepared to carry the can, so be it.