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Friday, 8 November 1985
Page: 1807

Senator COATES —I give notice that, nine sitting days after today, I shall move:

That the Crimes (Amendment) Ordinance (No. 4) 1985, as contained in Australian Capital Territory Ordinance No. 44 of 1985 and made under the Seat of Government (Administration) Act 1910, be disallowed.

I seek leave to make a brief statement of explanation.

Leave granted.

Senator COATES —The Regulations and Ordinances Committee is concerned about a provision in this Ordinance which may have the effect of unnecessarily reversing the onus of proof. We have received an explanation from the Attorney-General (Mr Lionel Bowen), but the Committee remains concerned about the justification for this reversal and is requesting further advice from the Attorney-General. Today is the last day for giving a notice of motion of disallowance and I do so in order to protect the Committee's freedom of action in this matter.