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Wednesday, 6 November 1985
Page: 1615

To the Honourable the President and members of the Senate in the Parliament assembled. The petition of the undersigned citizens of Australia respectfully showeth that:

Whereas the Australian Government have stated that they wish to develop the orderly service of the Citizens Band Radio Service

Your petitioners therefore humbly pray:

That we, the undersigned, are deeply concerned that Australia's Citizen Band Radio Services are being disrupted by illegal interference. This interference is intentional on the CBRS UHF band and is causing major disruption to the orderly service of that band by people blocking the repeater services by dropping carriers and the playing of music and using offensive language. This also causes the repeaters in the UHF CBRS to ``time out'', thereby making them useless to other legitimate users.

On the 27 Mhz band of the CBRS, continued and increased use of the spectrum by Industrial, Scientific and Medical operation is making voice communication on the band impossible. Demarkation of transmission modes is necessary for efficient use.

The undersigned humbly petition the Parliament of Australia, its States and Territories, to take all measures within their powers to reduce the interference level on the CBRS to allow orderly development of the Service to continue, there-by allowing all operators to benefit by its use.

Your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.