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Tuesday, 5 November 1985
Page: 1609

(Question No. 622)

Senator Sanders asked the Minister for Primary Industry, upon notice, on 16 October 1985:

(1) Why were certain documents removed from the file released by the Department of Primary Industry with regard to the proposal to import the Eurasian leafcutter bee (magachile rotundata) from New Zealand, including a paper by Dr Eric Mathews and Folios 85 and 86 from National Parks and Wildlife Service to the Minister for Primary Industry.

(2) In which areas are the bees to be released and does the program include Tasmania.

Mr Kerin —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

(1) The only document removed from the file released by my Department was a memorandum from the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service to the Department of Arts Heritage and Environment dealing with the need for an environmental impact study on the proposed release of the leafcutter bee.

In accordance with normal procedures, my Department sought the approval of the authors of all documents included in the file prior to its release. The Director of the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service advised that, `Due to receipt of further information from States and Territories subsequent to my letter of 17 January 1985, that letter does not clearly represent the position of the Service. Therefore, letter and attachments should not be included in AAHQS Information Folder to public.'

(2) Current proposals involve a trial release in Keith, South Australia by the United Seed Growers of South Australia and Dr Maelzer of the Waite Agricultural Research Institute.