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Tuesday, 5 November 1985
Page: 1498

Senator Sir JOHN CARRICK —I wish to pay a personal tribute to Joe Fitzgerald. It was my privilege to know him and to associate with him over virtually the whole of the post-war years. He had very remarkable qualities of character as a man. He was what I suppose in the old days people would call a good natured man, a man who showed a warmth of friendship and affection whilst preserving his principles. He was a man whose decency was visible to all. He was an excellent party man. I knew him as such. Nevertheless, he could cross the boundaries of the chamber to be a friend of those on the other side.

I shared with Senator Gietzelt the sadness when Joe Fitzgerald had a disabling illness in the early 1970s. I pay tribute to his widow who nurtured him over the period since. From time to time I was privileged to see Joe Fitzgerald in recent years and, indeed, in recent months. I was delighted that he was still mobile and still showing the kind of spirit which was the very nature of the man. He had his own philosophical views-very strong views-and I saw those views differ with those of his Party as well as those of others in this chamber. Quiet men are often strong men and he had the quiet dignity that gives strength and I think we will all be the lesser for his passing. I express to his widow our sympathy in the loss and our gratitude to her and her family for their nurturing of him over the journey of his illness.