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Wednesday, 16 October 1985
Page: 1350

Senator CHIPP (Leader of the Australian Democrats) —by leave-The Australian Democrats are very disappointed that both the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party have refused leave to Senator Siddons because what he wanted to do was to get leave to introduce a plan for a Bill. It is a new technique. It is an interesting technique. It is not a Bill. The reason we brought in this technique was to save the parliamentary draftsmen and the Clerks of the Senate hours and hours of work in drafting something which has great constitutional difficulties. Senator Siddons brought this plan forward because 270,000 young Australians are out of work. Senator Siddons has had rare first-hand experience of running a company where this sort of part time employment actually works in getting kids off the street, out of unemployment and into work. I can understand the motivation of the Labor Party and the Liberal Party; it is not malicious. They are more concerned about the motive than the content of the Bill. I take this opportunity of thanking the Senate for giving me leave to speak. I ask the Government and the Opposition: What is proposed? What sort of timetable do they have? Will they be doing something to bring us back an early answer so that Senator Siddons can have an opportunity of bringing forward this very important Bill on this very urgent subject?