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Wednesday, 16 October 1985
Page: 1319

Senator LEWIS —My question is directed to the spokesperson currently representing the Minister for Health. I think that might be Senator Button. As a Victorian, I certainly hope it is Senator Button. My question is: Does this Government have any concern at all for the 25,700 Victorians currently awaiting urgent pain relief surgery, a situation undoubtedly created as a result of the current Medicare mess in Australia? If the Government does have any concern for these people, what is it going to do for them?

Senator BUTTON —What a silly question to ask whether the Government has any concern about this matter. It is very concerned about it. It is a very complex issue. It is primarily a matter for the Victorian Government to resolve. A resolution of the matter is being sought in Victoria at this time. Resolution of the matter will not be helped by the honourable senator's silly question in the Senate. As soon as the matter is resolved I will give the honourable senator a special report on it.