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Monday, 14 October 1985
Page: 1163

Senator WALTERS(5.12) —The Film Censorship Board has had a very difficult year. When Senator Evans was Attorney- General he had the Board in a dreadful mess. It had guidelines given to it that were changed repeatedly and so regularly that it did not have a clue what it was doing. I think much of this has come across in some of the classifications it has given to some of the videotapes that have been foisted on the community at the moment. I was interested that Senator Mason had a little idea all of his own. Perhaps it might be a good idea if he appeared before the Joint Select Committee on Video Material which is presently in existence. He may have forgotten that that Committee is still in existence. He has not applied to come before it. I am surprised if he has such strong feelings that he has not done so. It would probably be a great help if he did.

The Board has a tremendous backlog of videotapes to be classified, and an even larger number of videotapes to be reclassified under the guidelines that Senator Evans eventually passed, having for some reason done a deal with the Australian Democrats in this chamber. We still have many problems in the area of films and videos. I seek leave to continue my remarks later and move:

That the debate be adjourned till Thursday at General Business.

Leave granted; debate adjourned.