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Tuesday, 8 October 1985
Page: 793

Senator REID —On behalf of the Joint Committee on the Australian Capital Territory, I present a report on variations to the plan of lay-out of the City of Canberra 1985, eighty-sixth series. It is the first report and deals specifically with the infrastructure for the development of roads and other works to enable the Tuggeranong town centre to proceed. I also table minutes of the proceedings. I seek leave to incorporate in Hansard a short statement relating to the report.

Leave granted.

The statement read as follows-

The report I have just tabled deals with Item 6 of the 86th Series of Variations to the plan of layout of the City of Canberra.

The Committee is considering this particular variation, dealing with roadworks associated with the construction of the Tuggeranong Town Centre, as a matter of urgency. This is at the request of the Minister for Territories who asked the Committee to report separately to Parliament on Variation 6 and to do it as quickly as possible so that the necessary approvals and tenders for the work could be carried out with the minimum of delay. The estimated cost for public works associated with this variation including roads, services and landscaping is $3.5m.

In considering this proposed Variation the Committee took evidence from five witnesses representing the National Capital Development Commission and the Department of Territories.

Variation 6 is part of the plan of expansion to the primary network for the Tuggeranong Town Centre to provide access to major development sites for the retail complex, major government offices, post office, library, college complex, secondary retail uses and a range of private enterprise mixed office and retail development.

The Committee in the 85th Series of Variations expressed concern that adequate safeguards would be taken to protect the Murrumbidgee River environment from any pollution associated with the construction of the town centre. It has received assurances from the Department of Territories that such monitoring will be carried out and that these control measures are adequate.

The Committee Members have also noted the high cost of developing the Tuggeranong Town Centre and is concerned that development costs be kept to a minimum with a suggestion that perhaps some of these costs could be passed on to the private developers.

However, the Committee is conscious that residents of Tuggeranong have been deprived of adequate services and retail facilities for a very long time and is anxious that no further delays occur to provide such services. For this reason, the Committee is more than happy to comply with requests to consider the development of the Tuggeranong Town Centre as a matter of urgency and not to contribute to any delays in the process.

The Committee approves the Variation.