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Tuesday, 8 October 1985
Page: 772

Senator CHIPP —I ask a question of the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs. In relation to the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, did the Administrator of Norfolk Island order the return of passports to the crew of the Ouvea? In doing so, did he seek the advice of the Department of Territories, the Department of Foreign Affairs or the Attorney-General's Department? If he did, what was the result of that contact? Is the Government aware of the DGSE report that the order signed by the French General Saulnier giving funding to the operation specifies that `at least 15 people were involved and that the operation involved New Zealand, Australia and New Caledonia'? In view of this stated intention of the French Government to involve Australia, are the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation or the Australian Federal Police currently investigating the use of Australia by French agents for the bombing?

Senator GARETH EVANS —I am seeking information on the subject matter that has been raised by Senator Chipp. I will give him an answer as soon as possible, possibly by the end of Question Time, but otherwise tomorrow. If he wants to know about the National Times story about why suspects were freed, I am happy to tell him now, but that does not seem to be what he is asking me.