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Tuesday, 8 October 1985
Page: 767

To the Honourable the President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled-

The petition of certain undersigned citizens of Australia shows that the proposed private member's Bill introduced by Senator Harradine-an Act to prohibit experiments involving the use of human embryos created by in vitro fertilisation-disadvantages infertile members of the community seeking treatment through the current medical procedure known as in vitro fertilisation because the inadequate definition of terminology relating to the proposals in the said Bill will prevent any further development and improvement in the relevant medical research anywhere in Australia and, hence, lead to the cessation of the freeze/thaw technique currently associated with the preservation of excess embryos created and intended specifically for the purpose of later implantation into the uterus of an infertile woman seeking treatment. We strongly believe that research should be allowed to continue under the strict guidelines already laid down by the National Health and Medical Research Council and Victoria's `Infertile (Medical Procedures) Act 1984'.

Since the proposed Bill infringes on the personal rights and liberties of infertile couples to have children, your petitioners as in duty bound therefore humbly pray that the Senate will view with sympathy our opposition to the afore-mentioned Bill and not support its passage through the Senate.