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Thursday, 19 September 1985
Page: 759

Senator HARRADINE —by leave-I wish to make three points briefly. First, I hope that the Government has considered the effect that this sitting pattern will have on the staff of the Parliament, particularly if the House of Representatives does not change its sitting pattern. As I see it, this would mean that the catering staff and others would be here for quite an extended period-say seven or eight weeks. That is my guess. Secondly, I agree with the need for an extended sitting of Parliament, not only to deal with government business, but also to deal with private members' business. For example, I have not pressed any claim for private members' time for perhaps a year or more, although on the Notice Paper there are matters that I have put forward for debate in this Parliament and there is a significant Bill dealing with a matter of major public policy to be determined by the Federal Parliament. My third point is about the date on which we return-5 November. We have not been told what time we are to sit on that date. It would be most interesting to hear that because there is an event in Melbourne on 5 November.