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Monday, 16 September 1985
Page: 591

Senator LEWIS(8.32) —I understand the point Senator Tate is trying to make but, with respect, it just meant that the Government would not accept it. There are two problems. Firstly, Senator Tate was not a member of the Senate when it conducted its inquiry into the Australian Dairy Corporation.

Senator Tate —Of course I was here.

Senator LEWIS —Were you really? I apologise to Senator Tate if I have suggested something in error. All I can say is that he did not read the report because the truth of the matter is that if the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation wanted to involve itself in the McDonald's fast food enterprise it would be able to bring itself within clause 18 by in some way or other having a contract, perhaps for the construction of one of the buildings, and that would enable it to perform its functions and then enter into the fast food business. That is the practical aspect of the matter. Secondly, Senator Tate is just raising an academic argument because the truth of the matter is that, the way it stands at present, the subsidiary can in effect do whatever it wants to do unless this sort of limitation is incorporated in the legislation. I do not know why we are continuing to argue this matter. I see that there is some discussion going on in the back benches. Maybe we ought to report progress and seek leave to sit again later this evening. Is that a good suggestion?