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Monday, 16 September 1985
Page: 576

Senator MISSEN —Mr Deputy President, I seek leave to move a motion to take note of the President's statement on the last day of sitting regarding the delay in publication of the daily Hansard and to make a short statement in connection with it.

Leave granted.

Senator MISSEN —I move:

That the Senate take note of the statement made by the President on 13 September 1985 relating to the delays in the production of the Senate Hansard for the week beginning 9 September 1985.

On Friday, 13 September, the President pointed out that during last week there had been delays in the delivery of the daily Hansard and that the fault was not of the Hansard staff but related to the problems experienced with the computer at the Government Printing Office. As we know, there were several days of delay, so we did not get our copies of Hansard for some days. One hopes that we will be saved by the President from further progress such as this. It was good in the past to get our copies of Hansard in the early morning of the following day. We now get it a couple of days later.

Senator Lewis —That is progress.

Senator MISSEN —If that is progress, I hope the President might save us from any further progress in that direction. A further horrifying aspect of this situation is that the new computer seems to have taken to chomping up part of our speeches. Last week I had the misfortune of having had some four pages of my speech, which were properly attended to by me and by Hansard, not printed.

Senator Puplick —It is obviously an intelligent computer.

Senator MISSEN —I have the same feeling as Senator Puplick-that perhaps there is a mind working in the computer which has decided that honourable senators are speaking for too long and it is cutting them down. It is also happening to the House of Representatives. I am told that a number of honourable members also lost parts of their speeches last week. I think the matter ought to be put on record. I hope that, whatever happens, we get back to a state of affairs where we get our Hansard with the speeches we actually make.

Question resolved in the affirmative.