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Wednesday, 11 September 1985
Page: 428

Senator GEORGES —by leave-Senator Siddons directed a question to me. In leading up to that question he said that I stated that a doctor had been guilty of standover tactics. I am not aware of that, but I am aware of all the other matters for which this doctor is responsible. Senator Siddons asked me to name the doctor concerned. I think that sufficient has been thrown around this chamber to identify the doctor and I think now it would be idle to avoid doing so. I did refer to an example on page 90 of the report. In that example the report refers to `Dr X' and `Y Pty Ltd'. It is my opinion that the doctor described as `Dr X'-this is information which I deduced from the scrutiny of the report by the sectional committee; it came from no other source-is Dr G. Edelsten and the firm referred to as `Y Pty Ltd' is Omniman Pty Ltd. I think the matter needs to be stated clearly because both Dr Edelsten and the firm concerned, I believe, have much to answer for.