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Tuesday, 10 September 1985
Page: 381

(Question No. 386)

Senator Reid asked the Minister for Education, upon notice, on 30 May 1985:

Will the Minister for Education please advise how many qualified personnel are employed by the Australian Capital Territory Schools Authority solely as: (a) consultants; (b) professional support staff; (c) administrators; and (d) classroom teachers.

Senator Ryan —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

The terms used in the senator's question need some definition and they are not mutually exclusive. Moreover, there are marginal variations in staffing from week to week and unless otherwise specified the answer refers to staffing in mid-May 1985. Staff funded by Commonwealth Schools Commission Programs are not included.

(a) If `consultant' is defined as `teaching staff providing curriculum advice to schools', 27 teachers within the Office of the Schools Authority provide curriculum consultancy services to schools. In addition four short-term consultants are field-based.

(b) If `professional support staff' is defined as `teaching staff providing assistance to schools from outside the individual schools', 209 teachers, including the curriculum consultants above, provide such services. Slightly less than half of these are based in the Office of the Authority; others are based in curriculum enrichment centres such as the Maths Centre or provide itinerant services (e.g. counsellors).

(c) If `administrator' is defined as `Australian Public Service (non-teaching) staff', there are 204 such staff in the Office of the Authority, 7 in systems wide field-based positions and 741 in ancillary staff positions in schools. There are also 687 teachers in promotions positions in schools, most of whom have a teaching as well as an administrative role.

(d) Including the 687 teachers above in promotions positions in schools, most of whom have some classroom teaching duties, there were 2,849 classroom teachers in February 1985.

The Australian Capital Territory Schools Authority employs 4,010 people of whom 3,058 are teachers. Of a total staff, 3,718 work in schools or educational centres and 292 in the Office of the Authority.