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Tuesday, 10 September 1985
Page: 367

(Question No. 383)

Senator Reid asked the Minister representing the Minister for Territories, upon notice, on 31 May 1985:

(1) Does the Australian Capital Territory Dog Pound have a veterinary surgeon check incoming dogs.

(2) How is the spread of disease prevented without veterinary assistance.

(3) Are dogs checked daily by a Government veterinarian or does that veterinarian only destroy pound dogs.

(4) What action is taken if a dog is in need of veterinary attention while at the pound.

(5) Are pound dogs ever destroyed by shooting, if so, where does the destruction take place.

(6) Are all pound dogs destroyed by a veterinarian at the pound.

Senator Gietzelt —The following response has been provided to the honourable senator's question:

(1) A check by a veterinary surgeon will be made if necessary. However this decision is left to the trained pound staff.

(2) The spread of disease is prevented by strict hygiene. Veterinary assistance is available and sought whenever necessary.

(3) Checks on a daily basis are normally carried out by the trained pound staff. Destruction of unwanted pound dogs is only a part of the Government Veterinarian's duties, which also include checking the dogs whenever required.

(4) Dogs anywhere under pound staff control are given protection, care, and veterinary attention whenever necessary.

(5) Dogs may be destroyed anywhere by shooting with due regard to safety but it is a method of last resort and is only occasionally used.

(6) While less than half the impounded dogs are recovered by their owners, humane euthanasia by a veterinarian is arranged for the unwanted remainder.