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Tuesday, 10 September 1985
Page: 363

(Question No. 335)

Senator Chaney asked the Minister for Industry, Technology and Commerce, upon notice, on 30 May 1985:

What products are currently subject to:

(a) quantitative import restrictions;

(b) import prohibitions;

(c) non-tariff barriers which severely restrict or ban imported products.

Senator Button —The answer to the honour- able senator's question is as follows:

(a) Quantitative Import Restrictions


(A) Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Quota

- Knitted or crocheted coats, jumpers, cardigans, sweaters and tube tops.

- Knitted or crocheted shirts and blouses.

- Woven shirts and blouses.

- Coats and jackets.

- Trousers, jeans and overalls.

- Shorts and Male Swimwear.

- Women's, girls' and infants' swimwear.

- Dresses, dressing gowns, shave coats, kimonos, bathgowns, nightdresses and night shirts.

- Sets or garments, suits, tracksuits and rompersuits.

- Male pyjamas.

- Undergarments for men and boys.

- Panties for women, girls and infants.

- Brassieres.

- Corsets, girdles, panty girdles, corselettes and body suits.

- Other garments for women, girls and infants.

- Garments of artificial plastic material of rubber and textile fabrics.

- Tights, pantyhouse, socks, ankle socks and sockettes.

- Footwear and parts for footwear.

- Terry towelling, towels and babies napkins.

- Bed linen.

- Curtains.

- Sleeping bags.

- Cotton sheeting.

- Woven fabrics of man-made fibre.

(B) Motor Vehicle Quota

- Certain vehicles less than five years of age.

(C) Colour Television Receiver Quota

- Certain colour television receivers.

(D) Developing Country Quota

- Sugar confectionery.

- Rubber tyres, tyre cases, tyre flaps, inner tubes and interchangeable tyre treads.

- Twine, cordage, ropes and cables and articles made therefrom.

- Tarpaulins, awnings, sunblinds, tents and camping goods.

- Certain made up textile articles, including sunshades, flags, shoe laces, etc.

- Ceramic sanitary ware.

- Domestic refrigerators less than 200 litres internal capacity.

- A.C. motors.

- Electric current rectifying assemblies.

- Domestic electric fans.

- Certain insulated electric wires, cable bars and strip.

- Ships and boats not exceeding 150 tons gross register.

- Frames for spectacles and goggles.

- Slide and film strip projectors.

- Loaded cartridges.

- Chairs.

- Domestic furniture.

- Canned ham.

- Builders' carpentry and joinery.

- Hot rolled products of iron and steel.

- Cold rolled products of iron and steel.

- Hoop, strip, sheets and plates of iron or steel.

- Hot rolled alloy steel.

- Tubes and pipes of stainless steel.

- Welded tubes and pipes of iron or steel.

- Seamles tubes and pipes of iron or steel.

- Bars, rods, angles, shapes and sections of iron and steel; hollow mining drill steel; sheet piling of iron or steel.

(E) Forum Island Quota

- Interior grade plywood less than 5.5mm thickness.

- Blockboard.

- Passionfruit pulp and juice.

- Caribbean pine.

- Plastic film and bags.

- Matches.

- Reconstituted wood.

- Furniture and parts therefor.

- Certain woven polypropylene bags.

IMPORT Licensing

- Used, secondhand or disposals earthmoving, construction and material handling machinery and equipment.

- Certain used, secondhand or disposals four-wheeled drive vehicles

(b) Import Prohibitions.

- Goods that are currently subject to import prohibitions are listed in Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations.

(c) In general, Australia does not use non-tariff barriers to severely restrict or ban imported products for the purpose of protecting domestic industry from import competition. There are, however, a number of measures in place which may indirectly restrict importation of products which do not satisfy health or other safeguards. These include plant and animal quarantine requirements, standards for the protection of human health and safety, copyright protection and markings and product labelling requirements.