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Tuesday, 10 September 1985
Page: 332

Senator VIGOR —I seek leave to make a personal explanation.

Leave granted.

Senator VIGOR —The personal explanation concerns question No. 412 on the Notice Paper which has been brought to my attention. That question, by Senator Bolkus, mentions my name in a context which purports to suggest a possible misuse of the community employment project scheme. I wish to clarify my position in this matter and to acquaint the Senate with the facts relating to this question as the question contains several inaccuracies. Paragraph (2) of the question asks:

Is Senator D. Vigor a member of the Board of the Directors of ACE Television.

I am indeed a director of Adelaide Community and Educational Television. I am proud to be its current Vice-President. I was Foundation Chairman in 1978 of the organisation which grew into Adelaide Community and Educational Television Inc and I am totally committed to its aim of bringing public television to Adelaide. Paragraph (1) of the question asks:

Was a Mr Donald Chisholm employed under a Community Employment Project (CEP) grant to work for ACE Television in South Australia; if so, and in view of the fact that Mr Chisholm receives both the unemployment benefit as well as income from his two small businesses in South Australia, how can this person qualify for a CEP grant.

Mr Chisholm was employed from 7 May 1984 to 6 May 1985 by ACE Television under a CEP grant. Mr Chisholm qualified for the CEP employment by being registered with a Commonwealth Employment Service office for a fixed period, as required by law, prior to commencing employment with a CEP grant. The information suggesting that Mr Chisholm received remuneration from any other source during his employment with ACE Television is, to the best of my knowledge, false. Mr Chisholm, I understand, was a director of two small businesses in that period. He was not an employee, nor did he receive any directors' fees. ACE Television was well pleased with his services. Paragraph (3) of the question asks:

Is Donald Chisholm also a member of the Board of Directors of ACE Television.

Mr Chisholm was an interim director and an inaugural director of ACE Television but resigned before taking up the 12 months employment with that association. Mr Chisholm has continued to work for ACE Television in a voluntary capacity since May 1985. He is not currently a director of ACE Television. In the interests of saving public money and in light of the answer I gave to Senator Bolkus's question, I hope that he will withdraw this misleading question from the Notice Paper.