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Thursday, 22 August 1985
Page: 189

Senator HILL(4.13) —The Opposition will oppose Senator Chipp's motion. Obviously, this is a matter of some embarrassment to the Australian Democrats today. Again, the Opposition-the Liberal and National parties-is taking a lead in this critically important area to Australia-the area of a peace and security campaign and the area of disarmament policy. The Australian Democrats feel that they have been upstaged.

Senator Georges —Is this your peace initiative?

Senator HILL —We have not got a new peace initiative. What we have done is revise our peace and security platform, which we put down as a revised policy in May this year. I would be pleased to supply Senator Georges with a copy. That is the truth of the matter. Senator Chipp is embarrassed by the fact that we are taking a lead in an issue that is critically important. He has also sought the opportunity to make two speeches-of which he has already made one. Thirdly, he is taking the opportunity to waste the time allotted for the debate.

If we look at the terms of Senator Chipp's alternative motion-it is really an alternative motion; it is not an amendment-it can be seen that it is near enough to the same terms as ours except for one paragraph, paragraph (c). He says that we do not deal with Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Of course, we talk about a commitment to the principles of that Treaty. Article VI is part of that Treaty and, as such, obviously is part of this debate. Paragraph (b) simply contains the same wording as our paragraph 2.

Senator Haines —We do not object to your whole position.

Senator HILL —Paragraph (d), for the information of Senator Haines, again raises the subject of vertical proliferation which brings in Article VI of the Treaty, which brings in the whole question of the debate. We oppose the suspension of Standing Orders because it is simply a tactic by the Australian Democrats to try to get themselves back into a position in which they feel they can lead the country in this field. We are not prepared to let them do that. They will have enough trouble with the Independent senator here on the nuclear disarmament ticket. We understand the tactic that Senator Chipp is attempting to adopt. We are not prepared to allow that to happen.