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Wednesday, 30 May 1984
Page: 2146

Senator COATES —I seek leave to make a personal explanation arising out of Question Time.

Leave granted.

Senator COATES —During Question Time, Senator Archer asked a question during which he referred to unanimous parts of the report of the Regulations and Ordinances Committee tabled yesterday. I am Chairman of that Committee. He used, as I noted them, words such as 'make the control of such material more difficult '. In case this sort of suggestion becomes ingrained in history I just explain that the Committee said no such thing. The Committee was not asked such a question and did not purport to answer it. The Committee was asked for its legal advice only in a very narrow sense. There were some references in the debate last night which in my opinion stretched the truth. I think Senator Archer's claim went a little further than that. I ask all honourable senators not to rewrite the report by inserting things which the report did not say.