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Wednesday, 30 May 1984
Page: 2112

Senator PETER BAUME(10.17) —Pursuant to contingent notice of motion, I move:

That so much of the Standing Orders be suspended as would prevent Senator Baume from moving that the particulars of the proposed additional expenditure for the service of the year ending 30 June 1984 contained in Divisions 270 to 284 for the Department of Education and Youth Affairs be recommitted to Estimates Committee D for consideration and report to the Senate on or before Friday, 1 June 1984.

I understand that the procedure here is in two parts. The first part seeks to suspend Standing Orders and the second part seeks that a motion be moved. I want to speak only to the first part, that is, to the motion which would allow me to move to take certain action to recall an Estimates committee in public hearing. I point out to the Senate that this matter arises out of part of the examination of the estimates of the Department of Education and Youth Affairs contained in Appropriation Bills (No. 3) and (No. 4) and out of matters which arose subsequently in the Senate by way of a censure motion.

It became necessary to take this course of action when other avenues which we sought to use to achieve a further public hearing failed. I will discuss those avenues later. We tried other avenues. It is necessary to move down this road of urgency to reconvene the Committee. We could not take this action or move this motion before the reports of the Senate Estimates committees came before the Parliament because, contained in those reports, is information which is necessary to the case we want to make. The report of Estimates Committee D contains information necessary to the debate. It also contains a minority report presenting certain views and another document to which I will refer later if this motion succeeds. I understand that the Senate intends--

Senator Chipp —You know this will succeed. Talk about it after you move your motion.

Senator PETER BAUME —I will be very brief on the motion to suspend Standing Orders. I am not far from finishing. The Senate intends to consider the Appropriation Bills in the Committee stage either today or tomorrow with the intention of finishing them by Friday. Because of that I want to make the point that there is some urgency to get this matter under way. That is the reason I have sought to suspend Standing Orders. It is the correct time to take this action. If any reconsideration is to occur, now is the time for it to be done. I will speak, in slightly more detail, on the substantive motion if this motion to suspend Standing Orders succeeds. I invite the Senate to support the motion.

Question resolved in the affirmative.