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Tuesday, 29 May 1984
Page: 2026

Senator CHANEY (Leader of the Opposition)(4.35) —in reply-In closing the debate on the tabling of the document I thank those contributors who have supported the motion. I think the Minister for Veterans' Affairs, Senator Gietzelt, may be under some slight misapprehension. The motion does not seek to have the document incorporated in Hansard. There was a practice along the lines he indicated, which I think is still current, that where an honourable senator wishes to have a document incorporated in Hansard and given the wide currency of Hansard the practice recommended by the Standing Orders Committee was that the document should be shown to the person in charge of the debate on the other side so that, subject then to technical requirements, leave could be given or not. In this case we simply seek to utilise the Standing Orders which say that where an honourable senator has quoted from a document it may be required that that document be laid upon the table. I have moved that that be done. As far as the objections raised by the Minister for Social Security (Senator Grimes) are concerned, if on the tabling of the document it becomes apparent to him that it is not the report which Senator Messner thinks it is, the Minister can clarify the position immediately.

Question resolved in the affirmative.