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Friday, 4 May 1984
Page: 1577

Senator GIETZELT (Minister for Veterans' Affairs)(9.15) —Mr Chairman, I have been requested by the Minister for Transport (Mr Peter Morris) to try to clarify the position as a result of the decision of the Committee on Thursday in respect of clause 5 of the Australian Bicentennial Road Development Trust Fund Bill 1984. The Minister for Transport has authorised me to say that he is amazed that Opposition senators have seen fit to reject the legislation which responds to the request of the States which they are supposed to represent . Amendments to the tendering provisions were supported by all the States, including Queensland and Tasmania.

Senator Jack Evans —I raise a point of order, Mr Chairman. This is now discussion on a clause of the Bill which in fact has already been determined by the Committee. I believe that it is going over old ground at an inappropriate stage.

The CHAIRMAN —Yes. We have not actually agreed to reconsider sub-clause 2 (2). The Minister is in danger of reflecting on a vote of the Committee. Although I think it would be helpful for the Minister to make very brief remarks, he must not develop the argument because the Committee has dealt with clause 5 and has refused to accept it.

Senator GIETZELT —That is true, Mr Chairman. But it is agreed that, as a result of that, sub-clause 2 (2) at page 1 of the Bill has to be either recommitted or set aside.

The CHAIRMAN —Is it the wish of the Committee that sub-clause 2 (2) be reconsidered? There being no objection, it is so ordered. The question is: That sub-clause 2 (2) stand as printed.