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Tuesday, 1 May 1984
Page: 1425

Senator MACKLIN(10.07) —Yes, I was referring to the Dried Fruits Levy Amendment Bill. The suggestion the Minister just made was that indeed there would still be an obligation actually to specify an amount every year, but if one goes back to the Dried Fruits Levy Act 1971 and looks at it in relation to the proposed amendment it would be an extraordinary reading of section 6 of that Act to interpret it the way the Minister has. By leaving out the words 'of a specified season' from the 1971 Act it would then simply provide that one would strike a levy which would remain until in fact the Government chose to change it . Having taken out the words 'of a specified season', as I see it there would be no reason in the Act for the Government to be under any statutory obligation to do anything of the kind he suggested.