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Thursday, 5 April 1984
Page: 1240

Senator HARRADINE(10.15) —Mr President, normally speaking this would be a simple procedural matter consequent upon the agreement yesterday for a composite debate on motions put forward by Senator Mason and me. But now, for all practical purposes, the deal that has been done between Senator Mason and Senator Evans, behind the back of the Senate, without consultation with the Opposition and without consultation with me, has in effect torpedoed the attempt that the Senate was making to give proper and due consideration to this matter. Senator Mason, after a great flurry of publicity against the flood of hard core pornography into this country, has in fact by the deal ensured that the importation and sale of hard core pornography will in fact be legalised in this country.

Senator Gareth Evans —Mr President, I take a point of order. My point of order is simply this: Senator Harradine is addressing himself to substantive issues involved in the debate, not to the procedural matter which is involved in this motion or the speech he is addressing to the motion.

The PRESIDENT —Senator Harradine might take that matter on board while he is addressing his remarks to the procedural motion before the Chair.

Senator HARRADINE —Thank you, Mr President. The fact of the matter is that prior to Senator Mason putting down his notices of motion to disallow the regulations, I had determined to do the same but because he indicated that he was going to move to disallow the regulation I did not put down a motion to disallow the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations (Amendment), the Customs (Cinematograph Films) Regulations (Amendment)--

Senator Grimes —Mr President, I take a point of order. I understand that under standing order 74 this is a procedural motion. I question the capacity of Senator Harradine to be debating it in this way.

The PRESIDENT —I uphold the point of order.