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Monday, 2 April 1984
Page: 1063

Senator SIBRAA(8.54) —Mr Chairman, apparently earlier this evening in the second reading debate Senator Baume accused me of indulging in doctor bashing. I think the reason he did that was a question I asked last week about treatment Senator Georges had received after an unfortunate accident last week. I asked Senator Grimes whether it was true that Senator Georges could not get X-rayed at the Canberra hospital because of industrial action. I was wrong and Senator Grimes told me at the time that Senator Georges could not get his X- rays read. I was given the facts by people I trusted. I asked the question and received an answer and a correction. I really do not see what is wrong with that , especially as Senator Baume on 5 March made a speech about my colleague Senator Richardson in which he stated as fact things that he knew were not true. I asked a question and I was corrected by Senator Grimes. I hardly think that would qualify in the circumstances as doctor bashing.

The CHAIRMAN —Senator Sibraa, I accepted that really as a personal explanation. It is barely relevant to the clauses of the Bill. In the circumstances I accepted it.

Bill agreed to.

Bill reported without amendment; report adopted.