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Wednesday, 28 March 1984
Page: 822

Senator JONES —by leave-I want to pass one or two remarks on the 1982-83 annual report of the Fishing Industry Research Committee within the Department of Primary Industry. I congratulate the Department of Primary Industry on the detail outlined in that report. As Senator Archer said, it is very good to see the sort of research that is being undertaken in the fishing industry, not only in Queensland but also in a number of other States throughout Australia. I looked through the report as a senator representing Queensland and I noted the number of research projects that are being undertaken and the allocation of money by the Fishing Industry Research Committee to projects in Queensland. It is with some degree of support that I looked through the report and found among the research projects going on at the moment the southern Queensland deep water trawler survey. When one looks at the fishing industry in Queensland, particularly trawling for prawns and fish in the Queensland coastal areas, one sees that it is fairly important to that industry that some assessment be made of the resources available to fishermen in the area. It is very pleasing to see that a grant of $48,000 was allocated to Mr J. Hodge, a fisherman in Southport, Queensland, for the survey he is undertaking with a number of trawler fishermen employed out of the Southport area who trawl for prawns and fish along the Queensland coast.

The research projects set down by the Research Committee, under the guidance of the Department of Primary Industry, certainly did not stop at that level. There was an assessment of the Queensland in-shore net fisheries. There was a further allocation of money for the assessment of off-shore crab resources in northern Queensland. The development of any research in this area is a very worthwhile project because of the number of people the industry employs in Queensland. It is pleasing to note that money has been allocated to a Mr D. Jones, a fisherman of Kawana Waters in Queensland. From reading through the details of that allocation of $82,000 it is obvious that the money has been allocated to a fisherman who is involved in the area in which the research is being undertaken. I believe that the results of the research and the information that will become available to the Department of Primary Industry and the fishing industry generally in Queensland will only be of value to the future exploitation of the fishing resources within Queensland.