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Wednesday, 28 March 1984
Page: 816

Senator CROWLEY —Mr Deputy President, I claim to have been misrepresented by Senator Reid.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —Was something that you said in the debate misrepresented by Senator Reid in a subsequent speech?

Senator CROWLEY —Something that Senator Reid said misrepresented me.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —She misrepresented something you said?

Senator CROWLEY —Well, I do not think I said it. I did not say what she claims I said.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —In that case you cannot claim that you have been misrepresented. You must seek leave to make a personal explanation.

Senator CROWLEY —It seems to me that I have been personally misrepresented by her statement of what she claims I said. I seek leave to make a personal explanation.

Leave granted.

Senator CROWLEY —Senator Reid claimed, as I heard it, that I said that I was supporting the current Government's nationalised health scheme. That could not be further from the truth. It is not what I said; it is not what I claimed. I would like it to be recorded that I did not say that. If I should use a word that applied to our health scheme it would be 'socialised' and not 'nationalised '. I just wanted to make that clear to the Senate.