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Tuesday, 6 March 1984
Page: 442

Senator WATSON —My question is also directed to the Attorney-General. I preface it by pointing out that over the past four days of questioning the Attorney- General has assured the Senate that outside legal opinion and his own meetings with the judge referred to in the Age tapes have convinced him of the correctness of the judge's behaviour. Are there any grounds on which the Attorney-General could be regarded as having a possible conflict of interest in his dealings with this matter?

The PRESIDENT —Insofar as the question does not seek a legal opinion, I will allow it.

Senator GARETH EVANS —The asking of the question does no more credit to the honourable senator than Mr Howard's contribution to the debate yesterday did credit to that gentleman. No, there is no foundation on which any reasonable person could possible come to the conclusion that there is any conflict of interest in this matter.