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Monday, 5 March 1984
Page: 435

(Question No. 615)

Senator Messner asked the Minister for Social Security, upon notice, on 16 December 1983:

(1) How many officers are involved in the income and assets test hotline.

(2) How many are:

(a) temporary officers; and

(b) permanent officers.

(3) How many of these officers are new recruits.

(4) When were they appointed.

(5) Who authorised their appointment.

(6) Under what vote are they being paid.

Senator Grimes —The answer to the honourable Senator's question is as follows:

(1) As at 27 February 1984, 19 staff are involved in the income and assets test hotline. However, both the number of staff involved and the regularity of their involvement vary from time to time depending on enquiry loads.

(2) This number includes:

(a) 1 temporary officer

(b) 18 permanent officers.

(3) Only the temporary officer is a new recruit.

(4) The officer was appointed on 9 January 1984.

(5) The appointment was approved under local delegation.

(6) All are paid salary under Division 560-1-02 of the normal salaries and allowances vote.