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Monday, 5 March 1984
Page: 361

Senator LEWIS —I was hoping that I would have been able to ask the President this question before he vacated the chair in your favour, Mr Deputy President. I am concerned that the Senate does not have available to it the daily Hansard for last Friday. I understand that that will not be available possibly until Wednesday of this week. Could the President tell us when it will be available?

Senator Robertson —He did on Friday.

Senator LEWIS —I understand that the President made an explanation concerning this matter on Friday. However, I would also like to know whether this is going to happen every time the Senate sits for two consecutive weeks or whether this is some special arrangement, and how this problem might be overcome.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —I understand that the difficulty is being caused by an industrial dispute. The President made a statement on this matter on Friday. I understand that he now wishes to make a further statement on the matter, so I will vacate the chair in his favour.

The PRESIDENT —In reply to Senator Lewis, on Friday I made a statement to the Senate that because of industrial disputation taking place at the Government Printing Office there would be a delay in the supply to Parliament of the Hansard of last Friday and also of the Hansards of this week. As I understand it , that industrial dispute is continuing. The delay in the production of Hansard will therefore continue.