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Friday, 2 March 1984
Page: 317

Senator MASON(12.03) —I would not have been impelled to rise and speak in this debate, although I propose to vote against the amendment moved by Senator Rae, had it not been for Senator Rae's histrionics, in which he depicted those of use who would vote against it as being on the side of the bureaucrats and himself as being on the high side of principle. The basic point here is that if we support this amendment we will be simply contributing to a situation in which it is proposed to nobble the Customs Service to the extent that it cannot really act efficiently in the anti-dumping cause. I tend to agree with the point made by the Minister for Industry and Commerce (Senator Button) and his accusations against Senator Rae in his speech in the second reading debate, when he pointed out the necessity for us at least to have reasonable anti-dumping legislation. People who are carrying out these sorts of illegal operations will have papers, of course they will. They will look perfectly legitimate. That is the whole point. As I see it, that is all the Customs Service could take before a judge, and how could a judge say that he would issue a warrant on those documents?