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Wednesday, 29 February 1984
Page: 108

Senator GARETH EVANS (Attorney-General) —I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I shall move:

That the Senate-

(1) While totally upholding the privileges of individual Members of Parliament, regrets the attacks made yesterday upon the integrity, impartiality and competence of Mr Justice Cross by the member for New England under the privileges of the Parliament, including in particular the following:

(a) 'He simply ignored that evidence because it did not fit into what appears to have been his predetermined conclusion.'

(b) 'This is but one of many illustrations of the judge sacrificing accuracy and judgment on the altar of the quick quip.'

(c) 'He has in each instance ignored the only objective evidence available to the Special Commission.'

(d) 'Mr Justice Cross has acted other than in accordance with the principles of natural justice.'

(e) 'The implication of his failing to adequately consider or inquire into the matters referred to him is that not only has my name been muddied, but the administration of justice in NSW has been brought further into question.'

(f) 'Indeed, the objective evidence has been ignored.'

(g) 'I suggest that in the future, if Mr Justice Cross draws some objective but colourful analogy with the proceedings over which he presided, he might find himself drawn irresistibly to phrases such as Star Chamber, or kangaroo court,'; and

(2) Records its full confidence in the integrity, impartiality and competence of Mr Justice Cross.