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Friday, 9 December 1983
Page: 3602

Senator FOREMAN —Has the attention of the Minister representing the Minister for Sport, Recreation and Tourism, been drawn to a recent market survey undertaken by Qantas Airways Ltd which shows that the number of overseas tourists coming to Australia is growing more than twice as fast as the number of Australians going overseas? Can the Minister outline what measures are being implemented by the Government to enable this trend to continue, particularly in regard to increasing the number of tourists from Japan and the United States of America?

Senator RYAN —I am advised by my colleague Mr Brown that he has not yet seen the results of a recent market survey undertaken by Qantas which are contained in a draft document which at this stage is for internal distribution only. There has, however, been liaison on the matter between Qantas and the Australian Tourist Commission. The Minister is gratified by the results as reported. They confirm the wisdom of the Government's strong support for the promotion overseas of Australia as a tourist destination, as evidenced by the 95 per cent increase in the Australian Tourist Commission's budgetary allocation from $10m in 1982-83 to $19.5m in 1983-84. This allocation included a specific appropriation of $2m to capitalise on Australia's Americas Cup victory. The Australian Tourist Commission proposes to spend $17.3m, that is 88.7 per cent of its budgetary allocation on marketing activities.

The Australian Tourist Commission has expanded its Tokyo office to include a new product promotion centre. The underlying objective of this centre is to convert general consumer interest in Australia into definite knowledge sufficient to allow informed buying decisions. In conjunction with the travel centre the ATC has introduced a mobile display vehicle called the Youth Market Roadshow which will enable it to mount promotions in any part of the country. The first 10-week operational program incorporated visits and promotions to 21 universities and other venues.

The main promotion in Japan this financial year will, however, be the 'Friendly Australia' campaign involving upwards of 2,000 agencies. Qantas and Japan Air Lines are co-partners with the ATC in the 'Friendly Australia' campaign. In the United States of America, a program of just over $4m has been mounted. This major campaign comprises television and radio advertising, research, distribution supportive materials and publicity. Forty-two American publicists for whom Qantas will provide transport will be visiting Australia at a net cost to the Australian Tourist Commission of $34,500. Co-operative advertising to a value of $330,000 is envisaged with industry contributions totalling an additional $200,000. Qantas will contribute $80,000 of this figure.

Amongst other ATC-Qantas activities has been a special hour-long feature on Australia on the Eye on LA television program. To enhance access to product information about Australia, the ATC is also planning additional tourism product promotion centres in North America.