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Thursday, 8 December 1983
Page: 3471

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —On behalf of the President, in accordance with the usual practice, I table a list of parliamentary committee reports to which the Government has not responded within the prescribed period. The list has been circulated to honourable senators. With the concurrence of the Senate, the report will be incorporated in Hansard.

The report read as follows-

1. Australian Capital Territory, Joint Committee-Retail Trading Hours in the A. C.T.

Tabled 21 October 1982

Proposals to Variations of the Plan of Layout of the City of Canberra and its Environs.

Tabled 25 August 1983

2. Constitutional and Legal Affairs, Senate Standing Committee-Burden of Proof in Criminal Proceedings.

Tabled 25 November 1982

Constitutional Qualifications of Members of Parliament.

Tabled 2 June 1981

Interim Response 24 August 1983.

3. Education and the Arts, Senate Standing Committee Tenure of Employment of Academics.

Tabled 9 September 1982

4. Finance and Government Operations, Senate Standing Committee-Statutory Authorities of the Commonwealth:

Fifth Report Tabled 16 September 1982

Report on Certain Annual Reports November 1981.

Tabled 26 November 1981

5. Foreign Affairs and Defence, Senate Standing Committee Indochinese Refugee Resettlement-Australia's Involvement.

Tabled 16 February 1982

6. Government Clothing and Ordnance Factories, Senate Select Committee-Future of the Government Clothing Factory at Coburg.

Tabled 14 October 1982

7. Industrial Relations Legislation, Senate Select Committee.

Report Tabled 26 October 1982

8. National Resources, Senate Standing Committee-Development of the Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium Industries.

Tabled 25 November 1981

Commonwealth's Role in Rural Research and Extension.

Tabled 30 November 1982

9. Passenger Fares and Services to and from Tasmania-Senate Select Committee.

Report Tabled 18 August 1981

Interim Response 1 December 1983

10. Social Welfare, Senate Standing Committee-Another side of the Drug Debate-a medicated society?

Tabled 14 May 1981

Homeless Youth.

Tabled 17 August 1982

11. South-West Tasmania-Demand and Supply of Electricity for South-West Tasmania, Senate Select Committee-Report.

Tabled 23 November 1982

12. Trade and Commerce, Senate Standing Committee-Development of the Australian Fishing Industry.

Tabled 21 April 1983