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Friday, 2 December 1983
Page: 3224

Senator MACKLIN(11.33) — by leave-I move:

(32) Page 163, clause 114, after proposed sub-section 161 (2) insert the following sub-section:

'' '(2A) A person shall not, during the relevant period in relation to an election under this Act, print, publish or distribute, or cause, permit or authorize to be printed, published or distributed, an advertisement, handbill, pamphlet or notice that contains a representation or purported representation of a ballot-paper for use in that election that is likely to induce an elector to mark his vote otherwise than in accordance with the directions on the ballot- paper.''.

(33) Page 163, clause 114, line 14, leave out ''or (2)'', insert '', (2) or (2A )''.

We have already discussed this matter. Amendment No. 33 is simply a tidying up procedure that would result from the adoption of amendment No. 32. The intent of amendment No. 32 is in fact to prevent advertisements or the canvassing of anything in relation to proposed sub-section 161 (2). The amendment seeks to prevent the printing of how to vote cards which display such things as ticks or blanks or anything of that kind. In other words, all that one would be allowed to canvass and promote would be those instructions contained on the ballot paper which explain to a voter how to indicate his preference for candidates at an election. The amendment seeks to prevent people canvassing a variety of provisions which have been included in the legislation to help decrease the number of informal votes but which should not be used around the traps for party political purposes during an election campaign.